Who is your inspiration? What is your story of how you became a photographer?


Well, let me tell you a short story of how I became involved in photography or instantly picking up a camera. In 2005 it all started when I became accustomed to taking photos of everything from flowers in my front yard to my computer desk. When I purchased a Kodak Easy Share C310 I instantly started to take pictures; it has drawn my attention to keep learning the necessary skills and knowledge in photography. My photography has been self-taught since I am a fast learner. And to this day I am constantly inspired by a particular photographer called Tony Starr.

Tony Starr is a Melbourne based photographer that captures classic cars and traditional hot rods. Tony’s work has been featured in publications such as “Fuel Magazine” and the “Leica Myself” project. Also in his interests, he is passionate about portraits and people photography which he hopes to do more of in the future.yellow-tulips

A prime example of his work is an image called “Fiat 500’s in Positano”  captured in front of a beautiful small coastal village in Italy called Positano. It is one of my favourite photos because the background is vibrant and led me to be immersed in the beautiful scenery , the flat and reminding me of Italy.

Tony Starr is an amazing photographer, and I would highly recommend for you to view his work. The pictures are breathtaking, and I would recommend to check out Tony’s website of his extraordinary work in classic cars and traditional hot rods as you will be mesmerised.

Also, check out my story of how I became involved in photography or how I picked up a camera in more depth on my about page.

Personal summary

Do you have a particular photographer/s that you are inspired by? How did you first got involved in photography?

Feel free to leave a comment about your story and who is your inspiration. Also if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for reading!

Happy snapping!


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